Social Media- "is That Real You?" Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Just scrolling through the social mediaA
Something struck without having any ideaA
Are what we watching through it is realB
Or we're making our lives blearC
We don't know what's happening in someone's lifeD
But we're watching some posts captioned smileE
Are they really in peace and harmonyF
Or are showing off or suffering probablyF
A post which we're watching captioned our happy familyF
Are they in love and are together reallyF
In the post where it's a pic captioned get togetherC
Are those friends even contact each otherC
A post captioned with after a long timeG
Did they really want to be by each other's sideH
We shouldn't believe in anything superficiallyF
But social media is making us believe in those madlyF
'Is that real you' which you postedI
Or are you making us temptedJ
To do the same as you're doingK
We're being oblivious to your surroundingK
Is that real you who's posted a picture captioned helping the needyF
Or are you just posting it to gain recognition showing fake humanityF
Did you really help those animals to get freedL
Or you're still using them to satisfy your greedL
'Is that real you ' who post your happy photosM
Or you're suffering and your life's controlledN
Are you enjoying your life or showing offO
Only to get likes by making your life toughP
Whatever is being posted mayn't be trueC
And what we get is out of the blueC
Shouldn't we focus on our real lives and realityF
Being not addicted to post everything for getting popularityF

Subha Laxmi Moharana
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/08/2021

Poet's note: This poem's 'bout social media and it's effects.


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