"Don't forget and abandon me burying me deep,
Stash the memories which will haunt in the sleep!
I don't know whether I've made you happy,
Forgive me if I've been a sappy!!"

I might not be the one everyone looked for,
But the world's also sometimes sweet and bitter!
Like others my life wasn't that easy and elated,
Moreover it was broken and sometimes crated!!

I did feel the nature's soothing voice,
And sensing every moment I did rejoice!
But didn't know upto when it would last,
If I could be drawn to the past!!

We all become friends from once being strangers,
Nonetheless I adored all and lived life with pleasures!
But didn't know when would be our last good bye,
But life is ephermeral and one day we've to die!!

From facing dual faces to keeping the ill wills,
Although I knew for these everyone has to pay the bills!
But sometimes we're occupied with selfishness,
That we forget about others' happiness!!

The cemetery will give us the pain with pleasure,
'Cause we got what we opted for!
Life sometimes will make you pay the price,
From which everyone has to take a slice!!

I'm here with others being buried,
Our souls are immortal with some being horrid!
Recollecting the memories of our lived life,
We're having a deep sleep with a sigh!!

Do enjoy and refreshen your life for a while,
'Coz you mayn't get it for the second time!
The memories will be there with the cemeteries
Where everyone will carve the old vibes!!