Sauntering and groping in those woods,
Nothing was felt except the woes,
The twinkling stars were pretty dimming,
Glancing at those the fear was still simmering!!

The trickling sound of a river,
And the glorious Mangata which was adored,
Giving a shining appearance to the lonely night,
Was just flipping the ugly side to make a beautiful sight!!

The rustling of the leaves because of the breeze,
Were ready to make their movement seized,
The psithurism that was being felt,
Seemed the views tried to tempt!!

The voices of some creepy creatures,
Were not that much fierce,
The ripples in the river formed by pelting the stones,
Were giving happiness in tonnes!!

Oh! the beautiful pretty creepy night in the woods,
Was still beguiling though having woes,
Then the dawn slowly slowly arrived,
And I enjoyed ecstatically the lonely night!