I hid it from you my Daddy ,
Shedding tears amid of the dark night,
When you compared me with other girls,
Groping in the atrocious conditions to make my future bright,
Was still endeavouring till my success unfurls!!
I hid it from you my Daddy,
That I too felt the pain in which you were sauntering,
But didn't unwrap it to not make you saddened,
I used to feel embarrassed listening to your taunting,
When my works never made you gladdened!!
I hid it from you my Daddy,
I was being bullied in my school,
Making you unaware and uncertain about it,
I was always compared to a fool,
But your girl was still trying hard a little bit!
I hid it from you my Daddy,
I didn't ever try making mistakes but unfortunately they became,
I was always in depressed and stressed mood,
Bearing all those taunts and shame,
I was being screwed and brewed!!
I hid it from you my Daddy,
Your girl is still trying hard not for herself but for you,
She is brighter than you ever thought of,
She is embracing you,
To make her success take her up!!