Why, when I cry, no one hears?
When I scream, all stuff their ears
When I talk, none gives an ear
Then, when I die, no one will learn,
Because mine is a cheap black lie.

Yesterday, I carried the load,
A day before I endured the pain.
I gathered the stone that built this house
With my bare feet, I mixed your mortar,
Now I bleed from scaled and chapped feet.

The road I walk, I map with my blood
This blood that feeds the ants
Whose pilgrimage is my only achievement?
The journey they make to the hole in the mound
Where they bury my blood for the winter.

How much should I pay, for
The chicken ointment to sooth my bunions
How much more pain can I take
Before my tears turn to blood
Or, do I just lie down and die in vain.

Then, will you take me home
To the valley of sorrows, to swamps of infamy
Where you will not hear me cry
For when I bit my own tongue
All I can do is, open my mouth, to
Let the flies in, for them to die
Embedded in my worthless gut.