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Born in Southern Rhodesia in 1967 to parents who were both teachers in rural settings. Starting school in 1974, my family was dodging the so called bush war, the liberation war, moving from one school to another as schools were getting closed down, to limit the effects of the war on the young people and to disable the supply and communication channels for the guerrilla fighters. Writing was always my passion from the third grade. So, I have written and written over the years, and I have been happy....
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Seke Bharu Poems

  • The Rhythm Of My Soul
    Down right in the beat of my heart
    I can feel the beneficence of the soul
    For in it's calm demeanor, my life rolls
    I feel the hope of a nation ...
  • Who Sees What I Think
    Can you allow me to count?
    All the things to my heart bring grunt
    For it’s not just empty runts
    When from them I hear just taunts ...
  • The Noise In My Soul
    The deafening silence of my dreams
    The entropy in my life’s journey
    The darkness in the alleys of my visions
    The searching of calm and peace ...
  • I Hijacked An Angel
    Deep down my soul
    I harbor a deep sense of satisfaction
    This therapeutic feeling of abundance
    Because my life has been a complete intricacy ...
  • Africanis
    Born and bred in Africa, it is the African dog
    Strong, loyal and dependable, an African pride
    Yes he survived, the wars, the droughts, the epidemics
    By his master’s side he has enjoyed the left overs, the bare bones ...
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