Nothing at all, nothing, is too far away
When your heart is trapped in its’ vault
No place at all, nowhere, in this world
Will your memories be blurred, when?
In that place, love you found and love you lost.

In every language they say the sweetest thing,
That there is no place sweeter, no place grander
No place in the whole world is better than home.
Like mice, like rats, like any other animal,
No place is as good as your own burrow.

This is the place I miss, the House of Stone
My own house, my own throne
So far away in the distance, my heart turns to stone.
They talk about it like it were not
The home and the love of my heart.

I miss the Jacaranda, its’ purple maze
The Msasa lush greenery, the Flame lily
The rustic love it exudes.
I miss the mbira music, the warrior dance
My heart burns for you, my dream love.

Once you were an empire of gold
You had the city of sunshine
You were the envy of the world
The home of a revolution
You are, now, the lump in my throat.

To you my heart I dedicate
To you my love I swear
My prayers I surrender.
For you my life I will give
You are the rock in my dreams.