There are great names,
Of patriots never forgotten
Warrior spirits never rotten
Their dreams not gotten
Souls never sold nor bought
Blood spilt, never sought.

They stood up to injustice
To thievery, to rape, to treachery
Their trust reneged, their love picayune.
They took to war, for their respect
Beaten they never evinced
Aloud they cried, to their God they knelt
They vowed, never they would lie
Down for the suckers to hunch.

Finally, they sand, they marched
In their ruins, the spirits rose
Home at last, free at last they chanted
But under their throne, the vipers spurred
Their venomous fangs hidden in white gums
Without a fight they wouldn’t leave.

Easy how they forgot
A century ago, kings they drove
From their shrines, dethroned
Herds of their wealth they stole,
Their land they grabbed for free
Now the leopard has to be dragged
But its white spots must not stain.

How easy does human kind forget?
The whip and the lash’s cut.
Easy it is to wipe off the tears of one jilted
Who knows the pain of the child orphaned?
Isn’t it the soil that knows the sickness of baby mice?
Only the tree never forgets that the ax bruised it.