Daddy, daddy, daddy…oh Daddy
Is the sweet melody of comfort?
Every child’s rightful composition
For a hero within, master of emotion.
Every son’s commander, every daughter’s dream
The Heavenly Father’s incarnation

Absent, he creates pain and delusion
Present, he nurtures love and warrior illusion
He is the master of moral pervasion
Rarely appreciated, a father’s sanctification
But a day comes for his recognition
A happy father, leader of a happy garrison

His sweat and toil comes in drips and drabs
It feeds the hungry earth’s innards
The tears he cries are soothing rubs
For the pain he silently endures
As he tries to protect his manly egos
For a father never lose battles.

Help me sing songs of praise
For fathers in different worlds
Their struggles are all but noble
They die to raise better fathers and mothers
Even in their transgressions they say wishful prayers
Today is their day, say Hooray to the best of fathers.