Say, do some soul searching
To unravel the sense of the teaching
That has set the heart of my soul itching
For the truth keeps inching
Away into oblivion far reaching

The questions bring to every being fear
For the myth is sacred to bear
How far do we have to come to be near?
When the heat in our hearts sear
Leaving the tenderness in our souls to tear

Let me empty the puss from the boil
So I can ease the pain of the toil
For in the Word, destiny we foil
When the wind blows the writing in the soil
Where the secret lies in the ship we sail.

A same Master for the Master and the slave
Or is it a fallacy we crave
Isn’t it in the interest of the master to save?
The soul of the servant so naïve
For the stolen mind keeps the master’s rave.

Hear them vouch for a God they own
With a voluminous Bible to pawn
In His name they steal from minds forlorn
The sheep whose wool they crop still prawn
Blinded in artificial light, never to smell the faun