Can I say it again for the ache in your heart?
How can I ever soothe the pain from the hurt?
Of the wounds that my own afflictions grate
Is there a way to your heart so irate?
Or do I just swallow the bitterness in my palate.

Just hear me again, ooh hear me again
For it is not the work of my brain
To inflict to the one I love insane pain
That breaks up all the love of many years’ gain
Just give another chance, my love in your heart will reign.

I cheated on you, lied to you, messed around
Nothing that a fine lady should propound
I reneged on a love journey so sound
And became the stupid rabid hound
That deserves no love’s remnants found.

Baby, you are my heart, my life, my soul
You are everything I can’t live without
Just give me another chance with you to sail
I would take you to the end with no love drought
For you to fill up your heart’s pail

Just give me, babe another chance
I promise to put your heart to a trance
That when you wake, you will be over the fence
And you will understand the sense
Of the love odyssey so intense

Hear me Oh sweet potato pie
For my heart tells no lie
Listen to my heart’s sigh
As I drop from my love’s high
Catch me before I crash and die.

But if you can’t, babe, I feel your bye
I wish our love would never die
For us to cherish it to the day we die
Now I will always bear the die
With the stamp, true love will never die.

If this, babe, was your song
I would sing it in just a thong
To tell you again I was wrong
But that my heart needs no gong
To hear the melody of your love song