Woman! when you told me we are birds of same feathers
You stole the chocolate from my heart
We almost bleed under your boobian chest
We almost render singspiration
castbind demons

Today you came like a lonely wolf
black and thin
immatured and brown
Eket held my tongue from kiss you
He said I should marry him
You ne'er call me in darkdays
You ne'er cares if am fat
But your hiding—ram fetish like Musa rah who wobblin at the cab

Don't call me I don't need your mouth
that which has a suspensive odour
Not polish in eightyears

I know you eat in worms
I know you beg in flaws
Your heads are blight
Your eyes shone like mindershoppers
You crawl with frustration
Your days mourn at your presence
as if some winks paste behind your back for gossip.

But come to my heart
with aweinspiringnotebook
a yellow kiss and a black donaut
You'll a winsomity —virtous