She rushed into a house
darkghost where haltup
evildims where hiddown
Her room was tumultly dreadful
she had lost a messiah
A brimpriest had erazed her fate
The chair on the window movedaway
the bleaking colours from the sunrise clouds have corrode but to flaps
She had voiced a flounder and a therapist from the shore
Choking like an Infant child
hulledup in blueβ€”seaβ€”inβ€”condition

She is now brown
Nightgress have overwhelm her innate
They have smiled upon her hail
An avalange twisting as she stared neither
The mountain before her eyes
and below her spares
The trouble behind her unseen
Now her head bow immensely
The demons on doorstep seek neutralisation
But she fears if only
Her tongue can paddle
Away the obliging demons
wavering like an unwanted carcass

Then I'm In
There's nothing God can't do
She shrugs back her shoulder
However thinks yanking my head
She then understand
those demon are afraid
She took the mantle from my closepub
and hitted the concretefloor with a stepfoot
I shouted JESUS
She feel strong, plain and bright
We took the armor and dismiss the demons
They run and run like confession of sin

I left her in that huge floor
She heldback my shirt
'I need your grace'
I smile but point PRAYER
A bigger grace