In my time I've heard numerous fasts.
But I call myself maybe now.
Sometimes heart'd not embrace thee with love.
When it comes to remember, I thinks it's past.
But 'tis hard to ignore the late life.
Cos my present life prefer to do the late life.

In thy serve there's no break.
Light's velocity defeats with thee.
Depressedmen's isolation defeats with thee.
And bring a huge stress when thou weak.
To go wherever breaking laws thou tend.
O deathlessness goes body to body without an end.

End'll meet end where thou ruined the sins.
Tis the nature not doing what wit wins
to do. He notes, Who? the king of my things
Of wit. A thousand criminal err of my, that may award me
The death on a tray with the soup of reward. See,
If I conquered you, aurum would purchase me.