O Pardon! Shall I apologize you to take you out?
Why, for us, a thousand piteous gazes note for her soul.
'Tis for her sacrifice to gain her lost rose.
But a sign of sympathy wythowt the empathy.
If she love'd him with her whole heart, why
Did she seek a dulcet dagger during the scarlet dark?
Well I don't believe " 'tis for thy secure, Psyche..."
Nor purchase words as 'to kill him' and thou didn't.
Art thou so sure? Yes why 'twas s gorgeous
Boy by a burned body aside a apostate drop of Olive.
If 'twas a horror, he'll be alive anymore?
O may ignorance to comprehend the love and evil
So I resign my sung blame cos
Thine art of fair'd figure is lose.