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  • Unmatured
    Oh dearest faithful love which
    Isn't yet matured is in progress
    In the purest place where a
    Thousand souls learn to live, learn ...
  • දැන් දන්නෙමි ඇයි සඳ ඔබ තනිකඩ...
    ගොම්මන් යාමේ බියකරු සිසිලස
    ළය සිප ගන්නට දෙන්නෙපා.
    මන්ද මගේ ළය ඩැහැ ගත හැක්කේ
    නුඹ හට පමණි. ...
  • Untold
    While dewfalling invades the night,
    Howls blended to air with foliages’
    Whisper. The wind empowered stars’
    Fur while it blocked their veins. The ...
  • Le Troisième œil
    In my time I've heard numerous fasts.
    But I call myself maybe now.
    Sometimes heart'd not embrace thee with love.
    When it comes to remember, I thinks it's past. ...
  • Sing Thee To Thy Fault
    O Pardon! Shall I apologize you to take you out?
    Why, for us, a thousand piteous gazes note for her soul.
    'Tis for her sacrifice to gain her lost rose.
    But a sign of sympathy wythowt the empathy. ...
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Anonymous : It's so ambiguous, and felt a moral
Anonymous : It has more inner feelings

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