I have never known
Someone as obedient
And enduring as you
Imprisoned under the clutches
Of Mother Soil
Yet never
A single sigh
Leaped through the air.

You swirl and swing with the wind
And bowed to any kind of storm
You always look up for the rays
Of the Mother Sun
With sheer delight
Praying to give you more light
You catch all the tears from heaven
Even if it will cause
Your fall and death.

You are my green curtains
From the probing eyes
Of passersby
My walls
From the harshness of the wind
Your halos that sparkle in the light
Give comfort against theheat and rain
Clean the air for me to live.

In your wide
And uneven trunks
I rest my tired body
The touch felt
Like a hug
From a mother's
Loving arms.

Now, I am old
And you are still here
Holding my cherished
Childhood memories
Intact and alive
In your rough barks
That bear the prints
Of my joys and pains
In life.

Copyright 2017, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved