You shout the beauty of spring
In lovely hues
Of red, yellow, purple and pink
As straight as cupid's arrow
You got my heart
To fall in love.

He came to me
In mid-April
Elegant and noble
My heart is like an awakened tulip
The bloom of youth
Bright and ready
To its greatest beauty.

He vowed his love
Infinite and undying
Passion is burning
My heart is wooed
And he won.

Red tulips in deep shades
Were showered on my way

But it was just a fleeting moment
Of utmost joy
Like a royal carriage
Dressed in purple tulips
Passing by
To witness its grandeur.

O my love
And the radiant tulips
Your lives
Were cut short
On cold rainy days
Of springtime.

Yet unlike my love
Tulips will come again
And again
In nearly every color
Of the rainbow

Cop yright 2017, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved