Each and every God - given day
I walked through your road
As straight as marble fluted column
Built with wealth and grandeur.

It is a journey of the heart
Just to take a glimpse of you
It lingers with me
To dream on
Marvel and cherish.

With me are three sunflowers
Girded with rice straw
And tagged with Eva Marie
Your beautiful moniker
That befits you.

But these sunflowers
Will just remain
In my callous palm
It will never land
In your delicate hand
And touch by your candle like fingers.

You are so near
Yet so agonizingly far
You are like a dream
But a dream
That will never come true.

For dreams
In this corner of my world
Are like litters
In a garbage dumpster
They created holes
In my very core.

How can I tell you
My heart beats for you
And my very being
Cries out to hold you
Everything that I say in dreams
Is a million of your names.

But these feelings for you
Will make me fly
And I resolved to conquer
My littlest world
To be in your corner
No hands of time
Can hold me back from trying.

For the last time before I go
I took a quick look of you
The brightness of the morning
Put a smile in your face
My heart is so heavy
Not to let you know
What I feel for you
Swiftly I scribbled a short missive
To declare my love for you.

It will take a long time
A lot of courage
Beyond the limit of strength
Just to see you
But I know
Time will be
In my favor.

And now a self- made man
Once again
I tread the path towards you
No one could forestall
Not even
The Angels in heaven.

With ravishing three red roses
Tagged with gold
In your name, Eva Marie
I bravely took steps
To your door.

The brightness of your elegant abode
Enveloped me
But sadness mantled the place
I saw you right away
So beautiful and calm
Lying in repose
In a glass coffin
Surrounded with plethora of flowers.

The roses that I have in my hand
I laid them on the glass coffin
Right above your face
You are still the same, Eva Marie
As I have seen you
Five years ago
But time has robbed me
To be with you.

I expressed my sympathy
To your bereaved mother
Yet the look of pity on her face
Was more than I could bear
She gave me your letter
Your handwriting relives
The images of you.

You told me,
'' I will wait for you forever
Even the angel that watches over me
Closes my eyes
And takes me to heaven
Our love that was never spoken
We will make it to heaven ''.

I felt the whole world
Has abandoned me
Against all odds
I climbed the social ladder
To be with you
But all endeavors I took
Were futile
Because I am not with you.

From the depths of despair
I called my Angel
To take me
On this very day
For there will never
Be tomorrow
Left for me

Oh, there will be
No tomorrow
You took everything
That is a part of me.

Copyright 2018, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved