Flowers For Eva Marie Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Each and every God given dayA
I walked through your roadB
As straight as marble fluted columnC
Built with wealth and grandeurD
It is a journey of the heartE
Just to take a glimpse of youF
It lingers with meG
To dream onH
Marvel and cherishI
With me are three sunflowersJ
Girded with rice strawK
And tagged with Eva MarieG
Your beautiful monikerL
That befits youF
But these sunflowersJ
Will just remainM
In my callous palmN
It will never landO
In your delicate handO
And touch by your candle like fingersJ
You are so nearP
Yet so agonizingly farQ
You are like a dreamR
But a dreamR
That will never come trueF
For dreamsS
In this corner of my worldT
Are like littersJ
In a garbage dumpsterL
They created holesU
In my very coreV
How can I tell youF
My heart beats for youF
And my very beingW
Cries out to hold youF
Everything that I say in dreamsS
Is a million of your namesX
But these feelings for youF
Will make me flyY
And I resolved to conquerL
My littlest worldT
To be in your cornerL
No hands of timeZ
Can hold me back from tryingW
For the last time before I goA2
I took a quick look of youF
The brightness of the morningW
Put a smile in your faceB2
My heart is so heavyG
Not to let you knowA2
What I feel for youF
Swiftly I scribbled a short missiveC2
To declare my love for youF
It will take a long timeZ
A lot of courageD2
Beyond the limit of strengthE2
Just to see youF
But I knowA2
Time will beG
In my favorL
And now a self made manF2
Once againG2
I tread the path towards youF
No one could forestallH2
Not evenI2
The Angels in heavenJ2
With ravishing three red rosesK2
Tagged with goldL2
In your name Eva MarieG
I bravely took stepsM2
To your doorV
The brightness of your elegant abodeB
Enveloped meG
But sadness mantled the placeB2
I saw you right awayA
So beautiful and calmN
Lying in reposeN2
In a glass coffinI2
Surrounded with plethora of flowersJ
The roses that I have in my handO
I laid them on the glass coffinI2
Right above your faceB2
You are still the same Eva MarieG
As I have seen youF
Five years agoA2
But time has robbed meG
To be with youF
I expressed my sympathyG
To your bereaved motherL
Yet the look of pity on her faceB2
Was more than I could bearO2
She gave me your letterL
Your handwriting relivesB2
The images of youF
You told meG
'' I will wait for you foreverL
Even the angel that watches over meG
Closes my eyesB2
And takes me to heavenJ2
Our love that was never spokenJ2
We will make it to heaven ''-
I felt the whole worldT
Has abandoned meG
Against all oddsB2
I climbed the social ladderL
To be with youF
But all endeavors I tookP2
Were futileQ2
Because I am not with youF
From the depths of despairO2
I called my AngelQ2
To take meG
On this very dayA
For there will neverL
Be tomorrowA2
Left for meG
Oh there will beG
No tomorrowA2
You took everythingW
That is a part of meG
Copyright Rose Marie Juan Austin All Rights ReservedR2

Rose Marie Juan Austin


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