The sum total of well being and self-hypnosis’s potential,
the bull eye and perfect timing existential.
The ball players reference to space and momentums reach,
or the weakest link of efficiency in breach.
Gifts and wrath given in time to individual charisma,
maturity of spiritual growth and wisdom.
The secrets of success by strength of conviction,
a seeming death and birth of soul in its friction.
When lack of patience starves virtue to death,
while wondering dreams holding all breath.
He who is the master of his own domain,
is the ruler of destinies and very sane.
Repressed faith is to suppress divine impulse,
spirits tangible and formless temple.
By wishing means and its breaking goal,
cosmic alarm clock and season of soul.
Reverse psychology and lubricating ignorance,
the self by self fabricated circumstance.
Not by self-realization that one realize God,
it is by God-realization to realize in oneself the odd.