Delicate heaped glowing lights at new moon,
scales, wagons, golden dishes and bend tablespoon.
Silver lining stretching to seeming retired quite,
glomming dust of curtains and midnight charm recite.
Lustrous sichel gleam and conducting dream,
bright stars aware in time to serenade in that scheme.
Other sparkle in lone splendor far aloft the night,
pure notes from beyond earth shore in sight.
The sacred flow within and blessing of strive,
creates perfect balance and eternal reality into life.
Innermost sense of purpose and steps of praise,
mirrored play of notes humming our names.
Healing sympathies by elegant magnificent,
oneness to proclaim and allowing to descent.
Gentle turning display of coming destinies,
the living force in spectrums of harmonies.
The blending shades and backdrop of light,
the sky that holds it all in might.
Mother of change and nurturer as we grow,
planted the dream to illuminate all that we know.