By devouring love and many sun dew kissed,
whispering intuition speak the eternal live to be wished.
Embracing one self into that splendid of being,
the grace of twilight and firmament of all seeing.
The silence as empty cup and homage to heaven,
to preserve the ever filling source of creative giving.
Reflections of heavens on earth to console,
hearts that are trodden upon to make them whole.
Wheat grains waving in warm wind so close together,
unity in strength sought and sustenance to be better.
Mental shadows and souls on the cross of waiting,
to the hour of promised liberating.
The Moon making itself an empty vessel to retreat,
to make itself to be filled again and repeat.
Prayers from the glowing heart at source,
fragrances and evidence of sacrifice on its course.
Enduring heart by test of fire,
subtle qualities and godly manifested desire.