I have searched for the missing consequence,
the sensing part of the whole and anonymous.
In the female laughter and sensuous chances,
in blaspheme called aloud for answers.
Traveled many temples and rang some tiny bells,
bathed in the Ganges in vain excels.
Disappointed by the yogi and his ideal,
values of dust under my feet reveal the deal.
All books and searching heaven indeed,
Your merry compassion soul console in need.
Finding you as hidden pearl of purpose reason,
magic glance and attuning season.
Hearing your softest whisper through my mental maze,
shell of my heart and your graceful dwelling place.
Let me grow quietly in your garden of life and be the part,
that makes the flower integrate the blossoming heart.
The enfoldment in time becomes virtue exalted,
integrated spirits strength highly vaulted.