Pensive dreamlike awake and restless wonder,
where the faded Moon invites to ponder.
Boisterous thoughts from delicate irrelevance,
redeeming midnight charm and eloquence.
Changes that wakens the inner Dragon about,
glaring annoyance and swords to temper amount.
Struggling emphasis of conscience truth to hide,
kindled by some muse to open that wound so wide.
Some frail memories in still erected shame,
perhaps this neglected spot needs some refrain.
Rich with spoils in time not seeing the whole,
scattered some genuine flow of the soul.
I touched a heart that engaged in loving fire,
awaken ecstasies to promised ever after desire.
Lonely contemplation let me to this artless tale,
vulnerable heart and embarrassing forlorn fail.
A shrouded dusky veil disappeared as dust,
while moon light rays fill the dark adjust.
The strange of heart without a rest,
knows that love is a ever refining quest.