I'm tired of this relationship,
A relationship that has no weight.
Tired of all the days,
That has been wasted,
As I mean wasted, you wasted everything in my life.

Haven't still known the truth about you,
I was tired of keeping it to myself,
So I talk it all on you,
Without knowing that you already shared it to everybody,
As a matter that it is my fault.

Yes, it is my fault,
But now I look like a clown,
That they're just laughing at,
Because of you showing my insecurities,
And now I can't stop the faith of my anxious mind.

Every day I woke up thinking about it,`
About you Lying behind my back,
Saying that you love me online,
But never face to face,
Seems like it's your fakeness.

But then I realized that I trusted too much,
Cause I trusted my friends,
Then my world's came crashing down,
I wish that I never said a word,
Cause to them I'm a stranger now.