I have had the light inside of me, and it warmed me to my sole,
a light so all-consuming, there’s no young and there’s no old.

A light that feels so good inside, one prey’s to let it in,
a light that relieves all pain, and takes you to the end.

A light that takes you from this earth, and floats you to the sky,
and you feel so very sorry, for the ones that you made cry.

But if they knew how I feel, they wouldn’t shed a tear,
I’d like to think they’d be happy, just to know, I was once here.

So to my loved ones, this to you I say,
don’t let your hearts be saddened, on this my joyful day.

Now at last I’m free of pain, so please don’t cry for me,
For I am so very happy, with this light inside of me