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I started writing country music songs and poems when I was 16. Years later I formed a little country music band called Graywood and I played guitar. We played many songs I wrote. The band no longer exists, but I still enjoy writing poems and even wrote a book. [email protected]
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  • 5:05 Today
    I ask you to release me from the promise that I made
    You said you’re free to go, at 5:05 today
    And as the seconds passed, it seemed more like a day
    Sweetheart our world ended at 5:05 today ...
  • A Talk With My Heart
    Heart, you begged me, to tell her how you feel
    But I wouldn’t tell her, I had to know her love was real

    I tried to watch over you, and protect you day and night ...
  • Feelings
    Today I held you in my arms for the first time, something I just had to do
    I felt so many mixed emotions, some even whispered I love you

    Feelings, you’ve got me feeling, feelings I just don’t understand ...
  • He Lied To Me
    He lied to me, he told me that he loved me
    He lied to me, but I was too blind to see

    I thought my life, was finely together ...
  • I'd Turn And Walk Away
    I’d walk for days and days, through the desert burning sand
    I’d go for days without water, for the touch of your hand
    Yes my love for you is strong and grows stronger with each day
    But if you say you don’t want me, I’d turn and walk away ...
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