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I started writing country music songs and poems when I was 16. Years later I formed a little country music band called Graywood and I played guitar. We played many songs I wrote. The band no longer exists, but I still enjoy writing poems and even wrote a book. [email protected]
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  • Sweet Things For Your Ear
    Sweet Things For Your Ear by Richard Martin 140

    You say I never whisper, sweet things in your ear
    Darling if you’d let me, that’s all you’d ever hear ...
  • Until You Find Me
    I’m looking for someone special that’s true,
    Someone with old fashioned ways.
    Yet an outlook that’s brand new.
  • I'll Always Remember
    I’ll always remember, the day that I met you
    The way you use to hold me, the day we said I do

    I’ll always remember, the days of me and you ...
  • 5:05 Today
    I ask you to release me from the promise that I made
    You said you’re free to go, at 5:05 today
    And as the seconds passed, it seemed more like a day
    Sweetheart our world ended at 5:05 today ...
  • A Talk With My Heart
    Heart, you begged me, to tell her how you feel
    But I wouldn’t tell her, I had to know her love was real

    I tried to watch over you, and protect you day and night ...
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