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I started writing country music songs and poems when I was 16. Years later I formed a little country music band called Graywood and I played guitar. We played many songs I wrote. The band no longer exists, but I still enjoy writing poems and even wrote a book. [email protected]...
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  • The Light By Richard Martin
    I have had the light inside of me, and it warmed me to my sole,
    a light so all-consuming, there’s no young and there’s no old.

    A light that feels so good inside, one prey’s to let it in, ...
  • Darling Tell Me Please By Richard Martin
    Darlin’ tell me please, don’t bring me to my knees
    Don’t make me beg you like a child
    You know I love you so, and I don’t want you to go
    But I can’t stay if you don’t love me ...
  • A Million Miles Or More
    You’re the brightest star in my world,
    So bright you lighten up the night,
    Once you came close to my world,
    I guess I was blinded by the light ...
  • No More Whippoorwills By Richard Martin
    I was born in the country 80 years ago.
    Many days I spent behind a mule, making the garden grow.
    It didn’t seem like work back then.
    I’d work all day until my chores were at an end. ...
  • Angels Are Waiting

    Angels are waiting for me tonight,
    For they’ve shown me wrong from the right ...
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