I ask you to release me from the promise that I made
You said you’re free to go, at 5:05 today
And as the seconds passed, it seemed more like a day
Sweetheart our world ended at 5:05 today

It hurt so bad inside, the pain won’t go away
I knew we’d never recover from 5:05 today
I thought it was all over, I got up to walk away
I knew theirs no returning from 5:05 Today

But then you changed your mind, you said the hell I will
You made me a promise and I hold you to it still
You said I won’t release you, I won’t let you walk away
You owe me a promise, please don’t walk away

You said you would try dear, don’t wait another day
The clock is ticking on our world, From 5:05 today
Let’s start our life over, sweetheart let’s start today
Let’s say our love started at 5:05 today