This is a formal apology
from this brand new prodigy.
Please understand this apology
as the word prodigy might not mean what you think,
so my apologies...

The meaning i am trying to feature
is that it is "out of the ordinary course of nature"
and therefore not a boasting picture.
But rather a picture of the power of Christ
To change my life.
So, my apologies...

This is actually a serious matter,
and I am not just trying to blabber
words without meaning,
or rhyme without reason
or words that would just be pleasing.
So my apologies...

This is for people in my past
all i am asking is to hold fast
and listen to me cast
what seems like a feeble apology
for the things I have said and done.
For some, this is "at last!"
For others the pain might still last
and for that...
I give my most sincere apologies.

The only thing I have to show for this
is actually the condolences for the death of a man called, ME!
He died a sinner and not a saint
therefore I'm asking you not to hate
but to rather congratulate.

Congratulate? You might ask?

Yes, because that sinner, came to a cross
where he was shown who was actually boss,
and died there on the spot.
But then the miraculous.
It was completely fabulous.
A spiritual resurrection
and perfection injected
to a dirty old rag like me.
As perfection was injected
a brand new prodigy manifested.

Here i am thinking of the pain I had caused.
The heartache that I caused.
The stress that I have caused.
And for this all, I can only offer
words that come from the bottom of my heart.

My most sincere apologies!