Is it a dream, or is ir real?
I hear my flesh starting to squeal.
It has to be a dream
I'm trying to scream!
No! No! No! No!

How can it feel so real
Dreams aren't supposed to be a big deal...

How does the spiritual
Manifest is the physical
Especially if it was in the non dimensional.

This is creepy
We should not be so sleepy.

The representation of someone you know
But thank God there is no connectional bow.
Think about this nice and slow
Pray to God that He might show
The meaning of this freak show.

Could it be an attack
Please Lord give me some slack
I need to have my mind back.

Or could it be something I have done
The thought of that makes me feel like I'm in a slum.
Please forgive me Father in the name of Your Son,
If it was indeed something that I have done.