The things we do together influence the way we feel about each other spiritually
When we are connected it is certainly is us and what we think about what the future can hold
I am certain that I am trying to make the right choices and the right decisions are an inspiration to me because of you
You have helped me in more ways than I can imagine but the question I am asking myself is how far is he help going to be taken by me,myself
I have a fear that I cannot resist what I am feeling and that is not true
The truth is that I wanted to add a little lie to the concept of thinking about you
The things you feel about me have me in constant wonder of where things could go
The answer is that things are definitely moving between us and we can connect in any way
The faith and the hope that we keep together is a bond that deserves to be sustained by what I am capable of
The problem is that everything is just happening with time and therefore I am feeling like time is flying
The only thing that gives me contentment is that time is flying when I am with you
We are one and there is nothing we can do to not make that a possibility because the feeling is mutual
The steps we take together are so predictable before we start but after we connect again there is a difference and a movement forward
The way you make me feel is certainly a way that I wish I could give to you in a returning bonus
Therefore I feel as though I am achieving plenty more than I should have
I am certain that keeping faith my best decision with her