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  • See
    The things that we see often turn us and shape us into the versions we tend to become
    We must focus on what we want tot be in the future and take our decisions very seriously so that we can shape an brighter future for ourselves
    We must think of the things that we are doing and the influence they have on other people and how they relate to our word
    Our opinion must be held close towards the opinions of others so that we may beg to differ ...
  • Attack
    We must learn that the effort that we put in a certain place will reflect itself through other people's actions
    The level of accomplishment that we reach must be determined by what we go after
    We must cruise to victory depending on where our path takes us
    The things that we end up being g in are often the ways that others treat us ...
  • Read
    When we read we develop a skill unlike any other
    We learn that there are things that we programme our brains to get used to
    When we compliment the style of reading we learn that the skill of reading and writing doesn't have a limit in regards to success
    The skills we develop are scanning and many more that are used to interact while we conversate ...
  • Greeting
    The way that we greet is often influenced by the way that we are feeling
    A greeting is just like a tap on the shoulder
    When we greet we must make sure that we reveal our mood of greeting
    There are different types of greetings ...
  • Well
    The things we do to determine whether we are doing good or not are determined in the name of success and in front of the people we see in front of us
    When we are at the top of our game we see something happening that teaches us a lot about the things that we are doing to see the things that we see
    The things that we do to appreciate the level that we are at makes us realise that we are doing something that can benefit the level we want to accomplish
    When we see things that are on our mind in the faces of other people we realise that we do something that can be appreciated by us as well as others ...
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