You are the only one I feel this special with because it is a certain type of special that I have never felt before
I cannot believe the benefits that came with the association that we created together and how far it has taken us
I am very respectful over your values and I wish I could understand everything that is happening between us
I need signs that can help me I prove what I am feeling with you and therefore I am inspired to achieve a level of success that can place my relationship with her into comfortability
The way that she makes me feel is a way that makes me want to see her every day and then make out with her
I am not too I to detail because although we speak and we do not speak enough,there are actions that prove a connection between us
The way that she makes me feel is similar to all the sweet things I have experienced in life combined
The feeling is similar to a miracle because the combination is not easily found
Therefore I am grateful for the connection that has been made between me and her and by what the people have decided should happen between us
The point is that it was not all about what the people were thinking but more or less what I was thinking of doing with her
I am undecided as to what I can do next to further this connection but I am trying my best by doing what I know and therefore I am looking for way that are creative to understand her
The way that we think that thi is should work are not always what we expect of them
The way that things turn out are not always what we determine but are also what we deserve
I am certain that I need to take precautionary measures that can make me decide how far I should take this situation
I am willing to go further and further and I must be sure that I can help myself to understand you by the help that you give me
Everything about her is very interesting and I am making a decision that will make me and her connect even deeper
I am sure that things will work out amd I am willing to do what it takes for us to last
The thi gs that I am thi king are the ideas I want to bring I to action and show you that I am serious about what is going on between us
You are a certain type that I have not seen anywhere amd that is what made me so attracted to you in every way
Everything g about you has been a sight of sore eyes for me
I do not want to rush anything between us and if things work out I trust that we will be happily in love together
I miss you every day and I hope you miss me too