I need all of you with me because I need to learn more about you
I like the person you are and I am happy with the progress that we are making every day
The way that I need you is the same way that I feel as though I need to do the regular things I do
The way that you look at me is something I can never forget because you are teaching me more about yourself and I am learning more about myself
The more I learn about you is the more I become interested in what the future will hold between us
The things that I do with you are things that I have not done with anyone else
I am planning constantly and it seems that I am not running out of any plans for us
That is a sign that there is an ignited spark between us
The more I see you is the more I learn about the possibility of what can happen between us
I have become someone that is better because I have learned the things about myself that ignite a spark with you
I am constantly thinking of what else I can do to improve the relation between me and her
The thing is I am wondering what types of opinions you have against me and the things that I do
I seem to always wonder what your friends are telling you about me
You always seem interested in what we are doing so far that I also had to go that far
I feel a way that is unique because we tend to see each other frequently
I have decided that I can give you all but to do so I also have to create a version of ,myself that can do so by working hard enough for myself
I promise that things will always be okay if you are certain of the decisions that you are taking
I am not always sure what you think about me because you tend to be shy frequently
The thing with us is that we have to improve the way that we communicate because we are so ignited through connection
The way that things have to turn out between us will be the way I think I can help improve the outcome so that I can motivate you that the decisions I am also making are right
The things I have been thi king frequently with my friends are the thi gs that you can learn to create a better version of yourself
Please tell me that you are learning as much from me as possible and I will be okay with the relation that I have with you because that is the objective I have given myself
The message I want you to understand is that you can have it all and I will be able to also provide for myself
The reason you feel doubt is because you feel as though you are taking too much from me but I am okay with anything that makes you content with what has happened between us