Take me there
I will give you what you seek
I will help you to help yourself with this loose change
I will pay before I reach my destination
I am assured that I will get where I am going
I will not forget what you are doing for me
You are helping me to help myself
Take this,for it is not a note,but its value is equal(disguising the limit of a what a note can do)
This is not the method of transport I prefer to use(he preffered the beamer of his household)
I cannot always have things going my way
(his parent was working so he caught a taxi)
This is different
I am not used to this
I had expectations
A standard of travelling of my preference,
Therefore I shall make value of out the little things because they deserve to be appreciated
You are helping me to help myself
I am aware that beggers cannot be choosers
I am not disappointed
I am happy
I am grateful
I am thankful
I am comfortable
I know that you are doing the right thing for yourself
You have accomodated me
We are getting there
Where you shall leave me
We were strangers when I walked in
I am proud to call you a friend
For,you have offered me your numbers
I can now call you when I am stranded
I no longer have to look for a cab
You are willing to fetch me where ever i am
And nevertheless,I could not disagree
I am worry free
I do not have to wonder
When I need you
I will call you
Take Me There