I'm already in a judgemental phase
So please spare me the lecture
3 months pregnant please take away the pressure
How am I supposed to tell my unborn child
She'll live the rest of her life eating missile size tablets?
I've acquired the virus now my blood system is like a time bomb waiting to detonate.
Might as well write a suicidal note
HIV/AIDS people think you the way of killing myself.

My name is unknown because nobody dares ask
Born with the gonely virus nobody dares to touch
Everytime I'm in the toilet HIV/AIDS you the one I wish I could flush.
Like you flushed away everything I could love
My mom, my dad they now covered in dust.
Do you know how painful it is not to be able to share water in a glass?
Having nobody to trust?
Having nobody to confide?
Definition of death you made me
Why do I have to walk this path so lonely?

We leave In the world of fear
Family and friends do not draw near
This ignorance is because of fear
AIDS patients are dying with broken hearts
Added to the pains of their body parts
They cry, don't remove yourself from me
Because I'm diagnosed with HIV
For really it's a blood bone disease
So please give me a hug and a squeeze.

I need to be loved more and more
Come into my room, don't stand at the door
Sit and talk or read me a book
Don't judge me by the way I look
Remember AlDS was not bought at the mall
Even thought it's affecting all.
Inspite of AlDS, give them your love
You will be rewarded by God above.