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  • I Miss You
    I now realize that I truly
    Deeply really care about you
    My heart sings 3 words lyrics everytime my brain says your name
    The same words I'm not yet man enough to say them to your face ...
  • Writers Mindblock
    My hand craves to write
    My heart beats along
    But my mind is astray
    And doesn't want to get along ...
  • Hiv/aids
    I'm already in a judgemental phase
    So please spare me the lecture
    3 months pregnant please take away the pressure
    How am I supposed to tell my unborn child ...
  • Crooked Love
    Lord made me feel love,
    Feel loved.
    Made me close to a girl
    Just to make me see through the pain of her open wonds. ...
  • Dear Paper
    I sometimes feel like you the only one that really understands me.
    Maybe that's because you the only one that really listens.
    You take away all my pain and save it,
    Every time I feel happy I go back to you and you give me back my broken sorrows. ...
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Robert Browning Poem
From 'Pauline'
 by Robert Browning

O God, where does this tend-these struggling aims?
What would I have? What is this -sleep-, which seems
To bound all? can there be a -waking- point
Of crowning life? The soul would never rule-
It would be first in all things-it would have
Its utmost pleasure filled,-but that complete
Commanding for commanding sickens it.
The last point I can trace is, rest beneath

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