My hand craves to write
My heart beats along
But my mind is astray
And doesn't want to get along
My eyes captures the light rays
And try to paint a picture for my brain
But my mind says not today

The pain in my soul is too much to carry
Wish I could jog it down in a peice of paper
And let it fly away
But its clear the pain is here to stay
I try to chase it away
But everytime I think of it
I end up dropping tears
With no words to explain

This is the writer's mind block
The same moment you have on a dope beat with no words
Worse when you trying to take your painkillers
Yet they come out the same way (vomit)
I feel like this pain orbits around my head
Like planets with tons of pain and pain and pain
Slowly draining me away
I guess that's the main reason they grow
People look into my eyes and say I glow
While its tears I've been packing my whole life i never want to let go.

Mxm almost forgot I'm tryna write
Have a lot of ideas just can't put them right
They keep my eyes open in the middle of the night
I seek silence then I regret
Screams in my head get louder with darkness
Yet I still have the patience
To wait for sunrise
Look for a peaceful place
Usually a forest
Where I could just take out my brain
Lay it on a rock and study the phenomenal
If it dosen't work you'll find me on crowded space
Just tryna pick some minds
I'm not forcing anything
I'm just trying to write
Like a pregnant woman
I can't hold on for too long
Not that I'm casting you out into this world
Or tryna path ways with you and my soul
But eventually the water breaks
And I'll have to give birth
And breath life into to this words

Daam I just wrote 1 paragraph it makes no sense
I'll have to tear this page of again that's so intense
I feel like a betrayal to this pen
Can't I just write this one last poem
And make it our last dance ?

I think I'll start to write this poem as soon as I distress
Cause now
I've reached the Writers mindblock
filled with empty thoughts.