I now realize that I truly
Deeply really care about you
My heart sings 3 words lyrics everytime my brain says your name
The same words I'm not yet man enough to say them to your face
I know time is essential
But there's no need to chase
If I've left you with a broken heart
Just know mine and yours are the same
Time is really essential
Let's just push through the pain
We've just met but yet been through a lot
Let's not let all of that end in vein
This is just that short long period
I'll be back in your arms "My Lady"
In my mind you a permanent resident
You'll never be evicted
I hope you like this piece that I've prepared
Cause honestly I'm scared
To lose you

I miss your warm hugs
The smiles we shared
The laughter we created
Night times we've had
I miss all of that
But most importantly I miss when you become angry at me
Sorry I dont know why
But it feels likes those moments where the best
I'm literally blushing as i write this
None of the things I said was I lying
If I keep writing there will be no ending

I guess I've got to conclude with I miss you.