I don't know what is the vice I 'er own
Yet, forbidden stars'-light can't shed my light
Mine own is all too heavy, I swen
So a ministerial marked the school
As an empty fall blinded my own sight;
Meaning - how thus wise men can be so fool,
And lastly both we dwelt can be apart
More a people may live in victory
Rather not being laughed, such with art
We, the damn ones, but yet; conspiracy!
A poet is more than a jocund worry!
Ye may be, but if he is more saucy
And, if become so, luck must favour
To give me laughter upon unwise, sure.

First day, - I was so quiet and willing too
So an worth wandered inside me fast
To a distance where only but I, new,
Onlybut I, who about to step first
To enmark undevelopment, so cast
Although, in silence, rather'in who trust;
So all flowery buskets seemed too
To be at last be in my own wallet
That only an hour, last, but days pursue
That I could 'er have been so much upset
So only an hour but tented to wait
Days, past; 'en after last touch of school gate
Yet I'm not so foul in heart, that I say
'Cause, all a fragile things last in way.

Meaning that I had to have all past owe,
Unbeautified; so I lifted myself -
Where is the garden, and gardener's brow
These may together make so a beauty?
Where, all dirt and worry is sunk itself
And where all but hale themselves to duty
I said, " No a pressure works, better it "
Wherefore many spoils can last only few
Let it be diamond, but 'tis little bit
Hope, much will shower a sobriety;
Much last in care, - not only in but dew
First in warmth, then weather which's wetty
Let some of them be alike we are born
On sake of love which brings the wings, untorn.

So I prefer to be alike I was
Whereby many surrender, but not I
Either it be rain, or storm; as these toss
'Er to such an intent I hold myself
Such, that a plant vulnerates with deep eye
To see through world 'er as finer to help;
I could not but remember my study
Subtle than subtler, - so I was 'er
For, 'er feet sink into soils, muddy,
And greater teachers 'er passed by these
And all golds lurked to be hidden here
Simplest of simple wits so passes breeze
To such an intent that may lead world
And so I'd, for, old is 'er counted gold.

Now let me talk about the real matter,
I was swayed for years I had a job
I was beaked, and truths covered so were;
One list so an early could sway fame
First one is of name, other one is throb
That I could only have knowledge 'or blame, -
Is there any work except chats in school
So questions make questions in so a time
I could not but protest all those, were fool,
'Er I know names last in their pretty deed
So, if 'er someone lacks in a good whim
And remain so a engaged not to breed
Will thus so a list of names be complete?
Just to say, 'tis tiny than bird who fleet.

Which dwell in trodden paths leave mark in lives
Either in transiency or but long;
Yesterday must not compile the work
And files not be heaps of tomorrow's
If 'er you work perfect in your so throng
And no a lament of you be such woes
Of Govt. where you involved to seek yourselves
Untired to your debt he must complie
To seek, to detect folly of day life
The best work prized, but devotion 'er seal
As of devotees' perfect, not for while,
But with tilted ground of eternal wheel
Prefer that; for, it can't deteriorate
And fertileness grows with genuine fate.