Thou, eternal home of shotful humans
So a harmful life may dip, but thou must
To such a situation, protect wanes
And the moon will fast a slow but so trust
Or, so an archaic names last for'er
Whereas millennia end by thy trait;
A falcon'd bear his 'er-lasting war
And win 'or what-'er come in way, straight, -

The old taunting breeds in plenty, 'er more,
And eyes shed their eternal diamond
But, in thy depth; whereby stood so a core
Ingenious, - but Lethe-ward not a hound
Yet, breakers of silence that occupy,
Feet play on, and rush to a destiny;
So men who, members of family try
To be such that thou art, such a city.

Where can't thou be such that may lead the earth
Ne'er, but thou art so a palanquin
Easy to mix, all they've, better worth
To such mesmerizing gate, which's sheen
And lend unemptiness of called beauty
Leading lives hell to heaven, to sure;
Such that blooms within replenished deity
And feast of 'er-lasting lives become lore.

So where is that frown that may lead but thou
If there is, somewhere may thou second birth
In some gloom, yet, vivid to manly show
Up or down, but named to equal hearth
Or, flinging much as thy depth they must live
Such; I'm quiet to thy lace's mystery; -
For, until bees wander to shallow hive
Nor can reach, nor dare to be history.