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Pijush Biswas is an Indian poet, writing about six years. He is famous for his rhyming styles.He was born on 12 July, 1988 in Srirampur, Nadia, West Bengal. His father's name is Manoranjan Biswas and mother is Popi Biswas.He is graduate from "Dinabandhu Mahavidyalaya " and post-graduate from "D.B.S College". He has two books "Some Suitable Words " and "Sobinoy " published in February, 2018....
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Pijush Biswas Poems

  • Beauty And Files
    I don't know what is the vice I 'er own
    Yet, forbidden stars'-light can't shed my light
    Mine own is all too heavy, I swen
    So a ministerial marked the school ...
  • Existence
    It was mysterious the whole thing 'gain
    So what can it be? 'Twas pretty before,
    For, so a masted boat 'er sails the deep;
    Never a villain wins, said "'Er be sure " ...
  • Bright Day
    The day was bright, full of sun-rays
    When, many a peahens were playing;
    The boys were busy accompanying them
    With their flutes, above all to sing- ...
  • Ode To Sky
    Thou, eternal home of shotful humans
    So a harmful life may dip, but thou must
    To such a situation, protect wanes
    And the moon will fast a slow but so trust ...
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Eternal 3 Life 3 Fast 2 Earth 2 Love 2 Trust 2 Together 2 Silence 2 Beauty 2 Quiet 2

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