Fly! Fly ! to that place you dream
Take a step and fly
Fly to that island
Beyond the reach of impossibilities

That dream in your mind
That goals isn’t impossible
Take a breathe
And fly, it is in you

Just spread your wings of
Discipline, Commitment
Grit, steadfastness and courage
Then fly to greatness

Nothing can stop you
If not within you
It is in you
everything you need to fly

Retake your vow of commitment
Rejig your thought discipline
Rebirth your vision
Reawaken your dream

With this wings, you are unstoppable
It is time to fly to the zenith
Spread your invisible wings
And go for it, be tenacious

When the odd Storm shows up
They will be so powerful
And ready to clip your wings
Just never relent, keep flying

You will get there
Procrastinate no more
It is time to fly
I am flying now!!!!!!

A motivational poem,I wrote it to motivate a friend, who is going through a tough time in his business, education and life generally. Things are so rough for him, so I wrote this poem and give it to him, i asked him to paste it on a wall in his room, and to read it three time every morin. A new soul will rise in him. We are powerful beyond measure, all we need is that support like am given him.