Ola Olawale Unknown Poems

  • 1.
    Abamieda ;(The Unusual)
    The king of saxophone
    The Lord of the street
    The crusader of the movement of the people
  • 2.
    The Heart is wondering
    The blood pump up and down
    The breath pant here and there
    Everything seems doom and dark
  • 3.
    The last hour just like yesterday
    We banter and toss with cheers
    Then we wave to meet not to part
    But unknown to us
  • 4.
    The flag is half mast
    our hero past
    The forte is falling
    The nation is lean
  • 5.
    One Day
    Though it may be years unknown
    We shall over come
    And our land will be free
  • 6.
    Slowly slowly my heart is drifting away
    I don’t seem to understand anything anymore
    Since you left to unknown
    Your voice is all I want to hear
  • 7.
    When things are not jumping
    He hopped here and there
    In search for green parcel

  • 8.
    Love is a mirror
    The reflection of the mind
    Love is a word
    The expression of the mind
Total 8 Unknown Poems by Ola Olawale

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