Ola Olawale Long Poems

  • 1.
    Rise, Dear Mother Land!!
    Rise Africans!!
    Let retake our birthplace
    As it was, before the evil white invasion
  • 2.
    Long are days
    We used to sleep
    With all eyes closed
    Without a watch
  • 3.
    Let it rain
    Let it rain
    But this rain
    Won’t come
  • 4.
    The flag is half mast
    our hero past
    The forte is falling
    The nation is lean
  • 5.
    Stardom is for all
    Not a royal seat
    A place for all ages
    How long it takes
  • 6.
    Life is a coin
    With two sharp side
    One side like a moon
    One side like a blade
  • 7.
    How old I was ?
    Only my mum has an answer
    Hope 93
    Farewell to poverty
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