Abamieda ;(The Unusual)
The king of saxophone
The Lord of the street
The crusader of the movement of the people
The originator of Afro beat

Your passion for Justice is unmatched
Your desire for a just nation is unquantifiable
Your clarity is beyond words
Your commitment is unwavering

Fela; (The Impregnable soul)
For the love of the message
You change the beat, the band
The flow, the Rhythm, the concept
From Kolalobito to Africa 70 to Egypt 80

Egypt 80, a statement of Pan Africanism
Thanks to Mama Kuti,Sandra, Malcolm X
Who help in redefining your person
From just a singer to a conscious one

Anikulapo ;(One Who has death in his pouch)
Because you chose not to sing praise them
They imprisoned you
They tortured you
Ransacked the kalakuta

Silence The Ideological Mother Kuit
When we ask who did it? They said unknown soldiers
But it was clear, the handiwork of horror lookalike
Gen.Aremu, the son of Owu

Kuti; (The Die hard)
Twelve, eight, ninety-seven
The sunset at @57
Kuit transit to the highest
The enemy rejoiced in the corner of their room

But We the people cried,That;
The shining example of humanity
The fearless, The Irrepressible voice
Has gone to rest in power
Live on.. still the trumpet hour

Abamieda ; (The unusual )
We will keep the struggle on through Seun
Keep the records ,play it to their ears
49 sitting, 99 standing
Suffering and Smiling, Sorrow, tears and blood,
Beasts of No Nation, Authority stealing,

Thank your Anikulapo (One who has death in his pouch)
For raising our consciousness through beat
Today like yesterday
Every ills of our society your sing about
Still live with us like Pope and Rome

Whenever I listen to coffin for head of state
That; line they kill My Mama aaaaaaaaa
Always got me sobering
From every defeat you came back stronger
Till that hour of self Judgment

Keep resting in power and beat!