The Haunting Of Midnight's Toll Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The tolling bell rings through the nightA
Its mournful chime a haunting soundB
It echoes through the shadows rightA
Into the heart where fears aboundB
For in the darkness 'neath the moonC
The bell tolls on a siren's callD
A specter's voice an eerie tuneC
That chills the bones and makes skin crawlD
And yet the sound still draws us nearE
To where the haunted chapel standsF
We feel a pull a whispered fearE
A need to face what's close at handG
Inside the church the air is stillH
But something shifts within the gloomI
We feel a presence dark and chillH
A spirit trapped within the roomI
The ghostly form a thing of dreadJ
Appears before our trembling eyesK
It speaks in whispers filled with dreadJ
Of long lost loves and tragic liesK
And when the night is at its darkestL
And the bell tolls once againM
We know that something's coming harshestL
A reckoning for human sinN

Oghenero Peter
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/27/2023


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