The Haunting Of Midnight's Toll

"The tolling bell rings through the night
Its mournful chime a haunting sound
It echoes through the shadows, right
Into the heart where fears abound

For in the darkness, 'neath the moon
The bell tolls on, a siren's call
A specter's voice, an eerie tune
That chills the bones and makes skin crawl

And yet, the sound still draws us near
To where the haunted chapel stands
We feel a pull, a whispered fear
A need to face what's close at hand

Inside the church, the air is still
But something shifts within the gloom
We feel a presence, dark and chill
A spirit trapped within the room

The ghostly form, a thing of dread
Appears before our trembling eyes
It speaks in whispers, filled with dread
Of long lost loves and tragic lies

And when the night is at its darkest
And the bell tolls once again
We know that something's coming, harshest
A reckoning for human sin.

Oghenero Peter
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