The ocean waves crash upon the shore,
As footsteps in the sand are left once more.
A solitary figure walks along the beach,
Lost in thought, beyond the reach.

The sand is soft beneath his feet,
As he walks along the water's edge, so sweet.
He leaves behind a trail so clear,
Of footsteps etched into the sand, so near.

Each step he takes is a memory made,
Of thoughts that swirl like the ocean's waves.
Of love and loss, joy and pain,
All woven together like a golden chain.

The footsteps in the sand lead nowhere,
But the journey itself is beyond compare.
For in each step, a story is told,
Of a life that's lived, young or old.

And as the tide comes rushing in,
The footsteps in the sand begin to thin.
But the memories they leave behind,
Are etched into the heart and mind.

For every journey, a path is laid,
And in the sand, a story is made.
Footsteps in the sand, a journey's start,
A life's history forever a part.